Staying in touch while travelling

Corporate travelers are often shocked when receiving a bill from their cell phone provider after returning from an international business trip. It is common for US phone carriers to charge hundreds of dollars in roaming charges for calls from non-US countries.

To avoid excessive charges for business travelers Traveltrust recommends the Truphone service. Truphone is a global mobile network without the restriction of country borders.  Truphone’s unique network infrastructure provides multiple international numbers on a single phone (or SIM card) and discounted rates in over 200 countries, providing business travelers with global coverage, global connectivity and global customer service. With Truphone, business abroad is business as usual.

For a quick overview of Truphone’s value proposition please watch this 3-Minute video or call Truphone +1 (646) 358-3496 – make sure to mention that you are a Traveltrust client!